Panopto is available directly from Moodle, and allows Faculty or students to record their screen or camera and share it with others.  Panopto can also be used as a repository for Zoom recordings or additional media. 

Panopto has many useful features for capturing and replaying lectures. It will time stamp and index PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, allow you to insert questions into a lecture, and let students take notes or ask questions at a particular time stamp. There are also detailed stats for each video, which are only accessible to teachers and admin. 

Pros: Easy and efficient built in editing. Accessible metrics. Indexes Powerpoint or Keynote presentations, which will allow students to jump to important sections for review. Built in quizzing. Editable captions. Allows video upload and streaming.

Cons: Integration between Moodle, Zoom, and desktop client can be a little confusing. Also, the program is complex; while it can perform a number of different tasks, there is a bit of a learning curve for some of it’s features.

Expert: Sharon Strauss, Alex Savoth, Charles Woodard