Visual Studies

Are your students interested in learning about how to find and use visual materials for a research project? This workshop video is about visual resources: where to find them, how to use them, and how to cite them. It is helpful to anyone–advanced research skills are not necessary. It is also relevant to all subject areas (including sciences, humanities, arts, etc.).

Visual Studies workshop on Vimeo

Project Management

Large scale or long-term projects can seem daunting to many students, and come with lots of questions. How do they get started on a thesis? How do they make sure everyone knows their role in a group project? How do they make sure all group members are moving in the same direction? How do they avoid duplicating work? This workshop video explores tools and methods for managing large projects.

Project Management workshop on Vimeo

Working with Primary Sources

How can working with primary sources help your students in their research? What is different about working with these sources? How do they find primary sources (whether physical or digital) on a topic of interest? What should they expect when visiting a special collections library? This video is intended for students having any level of experience with primary sources.

Primary Sources workshop on Vimeo