Formative Assessments using an Anonymous Moodle Questionnaire

If you want to allow anonymous responses to questions, you can use the Moodle Questionnaire activity. Question types are more limited than in the quiz activity, and it does not give you an option to provide automatic feedback to selected responses. However, this is a good way to get a pulse on how the class is doing with a lesson or how they are feeling about an idea.

Pros:  Responses can be anonymous. However, if desired, you can still see who has and has not submitted responses.

Cons:  Limited question types. No automatic feedback to selected answers.

Expert:  Sharon Strauss

Formative assessments and low stakes quizzes in Moodle

You can use an ungraded Moodle Quiz as a way to check in with your students before or during a unit to see areas that need clarification or discussion. The Quiz tool also can also be set to allow students to take a particular assessment multiple times, and lets you give feedback about each reply—often automatically, depending on the type of question. 

Pros:  Students can take the quiz as many times as you allow. Through automated feedback, you can show students why a response is right or wrong–or give any other sort of feedback that you wish. Once you create questions, you can reuse them for interlaced exercises and future classes.

Cons: There is a bit of a learning curve on understanding how to set up a quiz. However, once you learn the concepts, you can use the quiz for both formative and summative assessments. Note that while Questionnaires in Moodle can be anonymous, Quizzes cannot.

Expert:  Sharon Strauss