Library Toolkits

The libraries are creating three categories of toolkits that in combination form innovative assignments as part of a virtual or hybrid course engaging with library materials. Choose a relevant critical literacy (or several) to contextualize an assignment, choose a primary source packet with digital objects for your students, and then choose a digital scholarship toolkit to assemble an assignment that can meet the pedagogical goals for your hybrid or online classroom.

Critical literacy resources outline valuable research skills and resources, help students understand the role of the scholar and the nature of scholarship, and provide valuable contextual frames to the research process.

Primary source packets are thematic collections of digitized primary source materials that lend themselves to close reading, curatorial work, and original research projects. They include listings of historical materials, contextual information, and questions for individual or group analysis.

Digital scholarship toolkits highlight methods and tools that help students explore and produce knowledge in new forms. In addition to basic information and documentation for DS tools, these toolkits include suggestions for classroom use and potential assignment sequences.