Conditional Release of Content in Moodle

Conditional release, also called restrict access, lets you hide some activities or resources until certain conditions are met. For example, you might make sure students complete one assignment before seeing the next assignment.

Pros: Helps guide students through the Moodle shell. Highly recommended by Flower Darby when teaching online.

Cons: You need to set up activity completion criteria carefully, or you will not be able to restrict access for conditional release as effectively.
Expert:  Sharon Strauss

Moodle Questionnaire for Feedback

Description: The Questionnaire tool within Moodle is one option for getting feedback. It can be anonymous, if desired. It is a good option if you use Moodle heavily and you want an easy way to restrict a set of questions to those in your class. It is possible to see which completed a questionnaire, but still keep those responses anonymous. Qualtrics and Google Forms are similar options, but are not as easily restricted to your students.

Pros: Simple to create a questionnaire and share it with your students. Can easily collect aggregated, and to share, responses to each question.

Cons: Hard to create a report with each individual student’s survey response, showing all answers by that student.

Expert: Sharon Strauss